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Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations - One Day

This one-day workshop will help you to understand the human processes that lead to conflict situations and

difficult conversations with staff and colleagues, perhaps around issues about attitude, time keeping or be-
haviour. Such situations are invariably stressful. This day looks at how to devise new strategies to manage

such conflict in the future.
This is a highly participative workshop and as such, delegates will be asked to draw strongly from their own
experiences for the exercises, and to practise role-play scenarios of difficult conversations to emphasise the
techniques taught throughout the day.


Workshop Content

Exploring Effective Communication

  • Your communication style and it’s impact
  • Handling emotionally charged conversations
  • Aiming for a win win – the art of rapport
  • Question and Listening Skills

Tools and Techniques to manage difficult conversations

  • Understanding the attack-defence cycle of confrontation
  • Verbal and non verbal techniques to manage aggressive behaviour
  • Understanding Conflict


  • 4 Stage model to facilitate reconciliation
  • Role Play and Peer Feedback

Action Plan

  • What am I going to do within my work environment?

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