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Staff Development and Reviews (SDRs) - Part 1

This half day workshop (3 hours) is designed as an introduction or as a refresher for Managers/Team Leaders who appraise team members and focuses on developing confidence and competence in having appraisal discussions that add value to the individual, team and organisation. 

Workshop Content

The Purpose and Benefits of SDR's

  • Why does BSU have an SDR system?
  • Benefits for the Organisation, Manager and Team Member
  • Barriers that prevent Appraisal being an effective tool
  • The SDR process in BSU

Before the Review

  • Preparation – you and the team member
  • The initial discussion to agree time, date, set the scene etc

During the Review

  • Applying a structure to the discussion
  • Questions to review the past quarter objectively
  • Basic Feedback Skills
  • Objective Setting

The Ongoing Process

  • The value of regular reviews
  • What happens to the form
  • Linking SDR to training and development

Action plan

  • What am I going to do as a result of this training session?


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