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Managing a Demanding Workload - 1 Day Workshop

Managing deadlines, workload and technology becomes more challenging in an ever changing and demand- ing work environment. This workshop provides the opportunity to step back and reflect on how you currently manage and respond to workload demands, and plan strategies and techniques to relieve stress through managing tasks and work activities more effectively. With a range of tips and techniques designed to provide quick wins and some longer term strategies for success.


Introduction to Managing a Demanding Workload

• My top three workload issues

• The 80/20 Rule

• Mind-set for Change

Goals, Planning, and Prioritisation

• Goals, tasks and Key Result Areas

• Planning Tools

• Prioritisation Tips and Techniques

Taming Technology

• Exploring habits and best practice

• Tools and techniques to manage rather than respond

• Circle of Concern vs. Influence

Personal Resilience

• Exploring Personal Style in relation to managing pressure

• Managing Others’ who impact my workload

Produce and commit to your Action Plan to support you in Managing a demanding workload





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