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Assertiveness Skills - 1 Day workshop

This workshop supports employees to develop assertive communication skills.  We explore assertive and non assertive behaviour and introduce a range of tools and techniques to enable delegates to communicate more effectively.  Through raising self awareness, self confidence and exploring a range of practical models delegates take away a range of tools to help them to be more assertive in the workplace.

This course is appropriate for all who want to improve their communication skills and recognise there are times when they need to be or feel more assertive in their communication style.


Assertive behaviour defined

 Assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour

 Body language, tone and content

 Rights and Responsibilities

Assertive Tools and Techniques

 Thinking Right

 What labels do I wear?

 The six styles of assertive behaviour

 4 models for assertive communication

 Exercises to build self confidence

Say no without feeling guilty

 Top tips for saying No

 When you have to say yes....

Apply tools to real life situations

 Practice tools and techniques in a safe setting

Action plan

 What am I going to do?

 What support do I need?



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