BSU Staff Development Events - Feedback Form
Please help us to make improvements to the workshops, courses and other development events that we run.   We would be very grateful if you can take 5 minutes to answer the following questions.  Your responses can be anonymous if you prefer.
Q2 Event
Q3 Was the pre-event administration appropriate and helpful?
Q4 Did the standard of venue (food, location, environment) meet your expectations?
Q5 Was the start/finish time and duration of the event appropriate?
Q6 Were the learning materials clear and easily/readily accessible?  (e.g. could you read the material?
Q7 Was there any subject matter missing that should have been included?
Q8 Did the course/workshop meet your expectations?
Q9 Was the course/workshop pitched at the right level for you?
Q10 Will this course/workshop be useful to you in your everyday work?
Q11 Do you feel motivated to apply what you’ve learnt into your everyday work?
Q12 Would you recommend this course/workshop to your colleague?

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