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Some of the positive feedback from colleagues who have attended Academic Development events:

"Thank you so much for a well organised and useful day. Thanks also to everyone who talked about their own courses as this showed the flexibility of the VLE and helped me recognise some of the really creative learning and teaching that goes on outside of my own little departmental box. Really, really valuable"

"The seminar has helped me understand the tension I have felt in my own role. In a way my position embodies the structural tension deriving from the conflation of pre/post modern identities as an intellectual/academic"

"Thank you for organising the session and the catering x2"

"Excellent session and discussion, Thank you"

"Thank you for providing lunch. It helps when working a busy schedule and is most appreciated"

"Really interesting and engaging session. Thanks"

"Very useful, the seminar made me reflect on past experience"

"Thank you, its been very useful to see how HE and academics approach mentoring and training sessions"